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Wait Analysis provides the following performance data:

  • Wait Chart : You can check the data by time zone by event or class. When an Enqueue event occurs, the outline is displayed as a large-sized bubble that is highlighted, which is easy to see.
  • Top Wait : Graph of the top high wait elements by event or class. Shows the grid at the bottom filtered by the event or class selected when you click the graph.
  • Wait SQL : Shows a list of sessions from Wait information in the top Wait Analysis chart.
  • Session : Displays a list of all session information in the time zone of the Wait Analysis chart
  • Lock Tree : Displays all lock information that occurred during the Wait Analysis chart time zone.
  • Transaction : Lists large uncommitted transaction information for the Wait Analysis chart time zone.
    • NORMAL: Transactions that have not been committed for more than a certain period of time (approximately 5 minutes) since the Insert.
    • ROLLBACK: Rollback lasts for a period of time (approximately 5 minutes) after the UPDATE, DELETE, and so on.