Jeff Dean, Google's brilliant engineer
Jeff Dean is a leader of Google Brain research team.
Dean was born the son of an medical anthropologist and a public health epidemiologist,
and spent his childhood years in different parts of America,
and even different countries in the world, such as (Geneva)Switzerland, Uganda, and Somalia.
His parents are medical anthropologist and public health epidemiologist.
Thus, he grew up in different states and countries, like (Geneva)Switzerland, Uganda, and Somalia.
In his high school and University years, he produced a software which the WHO uses,
In 1999, joined Google as its 25th employee.
Since then, not a single core software from Google was released without his contribution.
Almost every core software went through his hands.
He is such a legendary, influential figure, that there are many jokes going around about him.
One day in 2011, in a lounge of the Google campus called Micro-kitchen,
Dean ran into Andrew Ng, a young professor of Computer Engineering at Stanford University.
At that time, Professor Ng was working on a consulting project with Google.
Time: one day in early 2011
Place: Micro-kitchen in Google campus.
Professor Ng talks about the Marvin Project to Dean.
This internal project was named after the pioneer of the Artificial Intelligence, Marvin Lee Minsky.
In the project, professor Ng took a role in experimenting the digital grid ‘neural network’, modeled after human brain.
Professor Ng mentions about that grid shaped neural network to Dean.
In 1990, when he was in the University of Minnesota, Dean once participated in a similar project.
At that time, the technology was not generally known as it was still in its primitive phase.
Then, tens of researchers gathered to study neural network.
Professor Ng told Dean that the Marvin project is supported
by a confidential research institute called X Lab, and the results are promising.
Jeff Dean had already participated in the neural network project in 1990, during his years in University of Minnesota
The news about neural network technology giving out hopeful results stimulated Dean’s curiosity.
Right after that, Dean uses 20% of his office hours studying Marvin Project.
Then, Dean suggests professor Ng to bring Greg Carrado, a neuroscience expert, to participate in the project.
Carrado did not have much knowledge about A.I. Once, he took a course about A.I. when he was in graduate school,
but it was just out of curiosity in its historical background.
Later, Carrado joked about it, saying “It was a relief that I took that class!”
That spring, they called Quoc Le in, the most outstanding graduate student in professor Ng’s lab.
Around that time, Google engineers started calling the Marvin Project in a different new name.
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