Teacher of the many Deep learning talents, Michael Jordan I
Programmings like “if-then-else” is unable to identify complex human cognitive phenomena.
The field of neural networks & A.I.was preparing for its spring by forming the PDP(Parallel Distributed Processing)
research group and studying neural network in the aspect of connectionism.
Eventually in 1986, with the creation of Back Propagation algorithm by Geoffrey Hinton, it slowly overcame the difficulty of learning.
30 years after that, scientists like Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio, Andrew Ng, and Geoffrey Hinton are showing amazing achievements in this field of Deep Learning.
With a large number of papers published by  NIPS(Neural Information Processing System) and ICML(International Conference On  Machine Learning)
in line with the increasing attention of the world, Deep Learning has now become the leading trend.  
Then, who else is the central figure in  this Deep Learning research connection?
It is Michal Jordan. He was a member of the PDP research group, learned from David Rumelhart, and raised numerous outstanding disciples.
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