Hadley Wickham, who developed R from statistics to big data
When learning R, we all go through ggplot2, the data visualization package, dplyr, the data manipulation package, 
and stringr, the character manipulation package. A person who made almost all the tools for big data analysis in R is Hadley Alexander Wickham,
a graduate of the University of Auckland in New Zealand.
He received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Auckland. 
Then, he received his doctoral degree in Statistics from the Iowa State University,
where he made the reshape for data manipulation, and ggplot for visualization.
With these previous experiences, the title of his doctoral dissertation is <>. 
This paper is about the development of packages for data and model visualization, such as reshape and ggplot2. 
In the paper <> in 2014, it highlighted the importance of data arrangements in rows and columns like RDBMS or excel in data analysis.
Then, gathered and improved the previous packages to present a data analysis package, tidyverse, for tidy analysis of data.
Today, the package made by Hadley Wickham is the standard in this data analysis program, R.
Hadley Wickham’s ggplot2 holds the foremost position in visualization package. 
It is the realization of Leland Wilkinson’s paper <>’s visualization philosophy in 2005.
His ggplot2 package is the most outstanding visualization tool of all. We can use the R grammar in Python as well, via the plotnine library.
ggplot2 allows many extensions and easy interface of many javascript visualization packages such as d3.js and plotly.js.
Thus, it holds the foremost position not only among visualization packages, but also in the field of big data. 
Not only that, he contributed to the popularization of the field by disclosing them all to public, free of charge.
He recently published four free books about big data online, giving a lot of help to people around the world who wish to study big data.
Now, Hadley Wickham is working as a chief scientist at RStudio, and also as a professor at the University of Auckland, Stanford University, and Rice University.
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