FeaturesEZIS is data total solution for Cloud DBMS Monitoring & Change Data Capture & Data Analysis

Cloud based Monitoring solution EZIS

Install with one-click. You don't need to worry about complicate installation. EZIS is the real cloud based monitoring system. We provide detail and powerful service for free. You can see the detail below and try it for free


EZIS Oracle - Realtime

Managing Realtime and Active session which is most important in Oracle. You can choose multiple or one surver as you want. Also you can manage active session with elpased time

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EZIS Oracle - Performance

Provide various chart and graph to check performance fast and smart

  • choose one server and analyze every detail
  • Analyze with selected date
  • Choose monitoring timeline and analyze
  • Get Top activity
  • Get Top SQL activity and text
  • get SQL detail
  • get Top session
  • set sysstat chart
  • get active session, through put
  • Latency
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EZIS Oracle - Wait Alalysis

We provide wait chart, top wait, wait SQL, session, locktree and transaction of wait analysis

  • Wait chart to check date filterd by event and class
  • Show the top wait for each class or Event
  • Show session list from the top wait analysis
  • Show all session which was held during wait analysis
  • Show lock info during wait analysis as a tree
  • Show uncommited Transaction
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EZIS Oracle - Event Analysis

Event Analysis have two main features custumized alert and Oracle Alert log

  • Critical Timeline Chart
  • Event Ratio chart
  • Kind of Event
  • Event List
  • Alertlog List
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EZIS Oracle - SQL Analysis

Support SQL analysis by analyze most critical SQL event

  • Update Top 5 SQL by Daily
  • Specific Information of top 5
  • Find a critical path by Literal SQL
  • check the frequency of specific SQL event selected by sql-id
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EZIS Oracle - ChangeTracking

Dispay with a graph which could show the change history of plan

  • Track and show change trend
  • Display PLAN Change List with analyzing and comparing
  • Rate Plan Faster / Slower TOP and display
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EZIS Oracle - Capacity Management

Display and analyze Tablespace usage information to manage capacity

  • collect information daily and draw chart to check change in usage
  • Visualize used tablespace aligned by date
  • Compare the difference size of the Tablespace size
  • Show the top segment of usage to manage capacity
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