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Change Tracking graphically shows at a glance when the plan has changed for the history of PLAN information.

We believe that the plan has changed in the following cases:

  • The plan_hash value of SQL previously collected for SQL at the time of lookup is different.
  • It is determined by inquiring if plan_hash has been changed for the entire collection data.
  • When displaying in the Change Trend chart, child_number is not included in the determination that it has changed

Change Trend

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  • If the sql collected in the past is the plan_hash value based on the lookup point, it is marked as a dot in the Change Trend Chart. The PLAN is marked green for faster performance and red for slower performance.
  • Clicking on that point shows the information of that SQL in the SQL List, and drags to show the SQL List filtered by the x-value (date) and y-value (elapsed_time_sec_diff) of the selection.

PLAN Change List

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  • Provide a variety of important information about SQL with Plan changes in the Change Trend.
  • Click sql_id to display the SQL Detail screen for that particular plan.
  • Click on the Elapsed_time DIFF to provide a screen that allows you to compare the Plan before and after the change.

Plan Faster / Slower TOP

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  • Shows up to five faster and slower SQL changes in the lookup interval.
  • The unit is sec.