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Installing Database-MySQL

How to download and install MySQL

1) Access page and click ‘DOWNLOADS’ at the top.

2) Scroll down the page and click ‘MySQL Community (GPL) Downloads’ at the bottom.

3) Click ‘MySQL Community Server’.

4) Click ‘Go to Download Page’ and download 420.6M MSI Installer.

5) You can choose to join or not join. Once the download is completed, double click mysql-installer icon.

6) Click ‘Next’ and execute the requirements.

7) During the execution, you will see several installation windows like below. If all the requirements are installed, click ‘Next’.

8) You have to install the products. Click ‘Execute’ to install. The right side shows that the installation is completed.

9) Click ‘Next’.

10) Click ‘Next’.

11) Set the password and enter it.

12) Click Execute to apply Configuration steps. The right side shows that the applying is completed.

13) Click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.

14) To connect to Server, you have to enter the password again. After entering the password, click ‘Check’ and ‘Next’.

15) Click ‘Execute’. When it is over, click ‘Finish’.

16) This is the last step to install MySQL. Click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.

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