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Overview of PostgreSQL

Let's learn about PostgreSQL

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system (ORDBMS), which provides the functions of Enterprise-class DBMS and features that will only be seen in the next generation of DBMS. Unlike other relational database systems, PostgreSQL, which has a long history of about 20 years, can easily implement infinite functions like a new programming language by providing users with the ability to arbitrarily create various database objects, including operators, complex data types, aggregation functions, data-type translators, and extensions. Companies such as Apple, Fujitsu, Red Hat and Cisco deployed products and solutions using PostgreSQL.


Structure of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL uses a client/server model. The server manages database files, accommodates incoming connections from client applications, and performs database actions on behalf of clients. The server can handle multiple client connections, which work a new process for each connection upon request from the client. And clients communicate with newly created server processes without interfering with existing servers.


Features of PostgreSQL

1. Portable: PostgreSQL was developed as ANSIC and operates on Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS/X etc.

2. Reliable: Implementation for ACID, an attribute of transactions and MVCC, low level locking

3. Scalable: usable in multi versions of PostgreSQL and able to implement table partitioning and tablespace functions for big data processing

4. Secure: DB security consists of three components-data encryption, access control, and surveillance / Supports host-based access control, object-level privileges, and encryption of transmission data between client and network segments over SSL communication

5. Recovery & Availability: Streaming Replication-based, synchronous and asynchronous Hot Standbt Servers can be built on / Point in time recovery is possible through WAL Log archiving and Hot Back up

6. Advanced: upgrade via pg_upgrade and provide Web or C/S-based GUI management tools for monitoring, management and tuning / custom procedure enables script language support such as Perl, Java, and Php.

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