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Overview of MariaDB

Let's learn about MariaDB

What is MariaDB?/Compatibility with MySQL

MariaDB is one of the most widely used database server in the world. It was made by MySQL developer and guaranteed to maintain open source. Wikipedia, and Google are the users of this server. It transforms data to structured information from various application program, and is useful because of its extensibility and ferocity. MariaDB uses same source code with MySQL, which means the structure and using methods are also same. However, unlike MySQL, it is free from Oracle because of GPL v2 license.

MySQL 10.5

MariaDB first followed the version number of MySQL until ver5.5, and it has every features of MySQL 5.5. After this version, MariaDB corp. decided to number it as 10.x, which means the characteristics of MariaDB will be more clear. MariaDB 10.5 was released and announced as stable in June 2020 and will be maintained until at least June 2025. The next version is expected to be announced in 2021. The differences from the latest version of MySQL are: System-versioned tables, Oracle compatibility mode and Sequences.

Outlook and usage of MariaDB

Because of the trend of replacing MySQL with MariaDB, the share of MariaDB is increasing in database market. It attracted investment of about 50 million dollars, which will be used for companies to change their existing database to MariaDB. DBS, Development Bank of Singapore, transformed their transaction environment to MariaDB from Oracle enterprise. It changed 54% of core business applications to MariaDB. DBS is expecting to cut about 4 million dollars in 5 years by using MariaDB. As using Oracle is disadvantageous to a small but fastly growing company, more companies are expected to find MariaDB.

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