About Us

We develop and sell professional Database and Application Performance Monitoring products. EZIS products are configured to monitor servers in on-premise environments as well as cloud environments.

EZIS for Oracle on Cloud (Amazon RDS)

Monitor and analyze Oracle's performance data on Amazon RDS

The product is designed based on Amazon's Cloud Watch and Oracle's performance indicators without using an agent, so it can be monitored and analyzed immediately by installing the product.

As of 2019, Oracle monitoring products have been developed and released in beta, with Maria DB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and APM products available.


Why ezis?

Satisfying every need in the cloud market ezis

Monitoring + analytics + automation solutions optimized for cloud environments

Cost Differentiation You can test our product free, we will adopt micro-subscription service later.
User Convenience Download from the Internet without an engineer's visit and install one-click, intuitive UX/UI selected by field experts
Technical Differentiation Internal Architecture monioring, we are developing attach CDC, block chain based log manage, machine learning module now

ezis feature

Realtime data monitoring

-we provide real time monitoring

One click download module

- All u need for installation is just click

Multiple Monitoring System

-Monitoring Multiple flow with Multiple winodws

24 hours monitoring

-provide 24 hrs alert and alarm, collect and ananlyze data with 24 hrs timeline

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